Implementing the groundswell within your Company.

Hello my lovely readers! This week is bitter-sweet for me… On one hand, this is the last week for writing on the groundswell and being in university. But on the other, well…. I’m going to be done my degree!!! I can’t believe it has finally come to the end of my journey in obtaining my…Read more Implementing the groundswell within your Company.


Energizing the Groundswell

Hello beautiful people! Let’s get pumped, let’s get wild… because the next chapter in the groundswell is all about energizing! So, before we start, let’s get pumped up!!!!   Great!! Now that we’re all ‘energized’, we can now talk about what it really means. Energizing the groundswell means tapping into the power of word of…Read more Energizing the Groundswell

Tweet, Tweet My Little Birdies!!!

Hello everyone! I can’t tell you how excited I have been to write on this week’s chapter! Since the start of the course I have been wondering when I would finally get to introduce you to Twitter and how to use it in the groundswell, and finally I get to!!! Twitter has become such an…Read more Tweet, Tweet My Little Birdies!!!

Talk, don’t shout!

Hello again everyone in the blogosphere! This week is all about Talking with the groundswell. By this I mean how you market to your target consumers. Most organizations focus on advertisements aimed at essentially, “shouting” at the consumer… “Buy this product, use this service, give us your money…” This type of marketing doesn’t involve engaging…Read more Talk, don’t shout!

POST Process using the groundswell.

Hello to my lovely followers! Wow, I can’t believe it has been a week already. Time flies when you’re having fun I guess!? This week in the wonderful world of the groundswell, is all about the POST process. This process is basically the foundation for groundswell thinking and is a four-step planning process that provides…Read more POST Process using the groundswell.

Connecting with the groundswell.

Hello again my lovely followers, This week in the world of the groundswell, the chapter revolved around connecting with customers, and how you can communicate with them effectively. The biggest idea of this chapter is that connecting with the groundswell transforms your company. As the authors say, One of the benefits we’ve seen of engaging…Read more Connecting with the groundswell.

Communication and the Importance of Listening

Hello beautiful readers of mine, This week will be a continuation of my insights from the “groundswell” that I spoke about in my last post. Chapter five in the book talks about listening to your consumers, and the benefits it can have on your company. This is because many business theorists actually believe that branding…Read more Communication and the Importance of Listening