Communication and the Importance of Listening

Hello beautiful readers of mine, This week will be a continuation of my insights from the “groundswell” that I spoke about in my last post. Chapter five in the book talks about listening to your consumers, and the benefits it can have on your company. This is because many business theorists actually believe that branding…Read more Communication and the Importance of Listening


Social Technographics and the Groundswell

Hello again to my readers! Starting this week, I will be referring to a popular book called, “groundswell: winning in a world transformed by social technologies”. Using this book, I will be providing insight regarding different areas of social media, and what it really means to use it. First of all, many of you probably…Read more Social Technographics and the Groundswell

Social Media and “Users of the World Unite”

Well! I’ve finally been persuaded into creating a blog, and it is all for a marketing course! Of course, I’ll take any push I can get since I’ve always wanted to do it, just seems like it has been on the backburner of my mind for some time… As my first blog post, I feel…Read more Social Media and “Users of the World Unite”